Please be aware that Thinking Home support will end August 31, 2016. While many people have received support for Thinking Home itself, the majority of questions we field are about USB-serial adapters, signal/noise problems and other hardware-related issues. The time has come to end the sale and support of this fine software.
Life Preserver
There are several ways of getting support for Thinking Home and answers to your home automation questions. This page describes a few.

Apple Help

Apple Help for Thinking Home provides useful information about using the software. To assist in troubleshooting, virtually every window contains a Help button that leads to the portion of the Apple Help describing the particular topic in more detail.


You can write us at and we will respond as promptly as we can.


For a really fast search of internet resources, try the “Home Automation” Sherlock channel. It searches wiki’s, forums and newsgroups and you can often find your answer this way. For example, your devices are no longer responding to your FireCracker or hand-held remotes and you suspect that the transceiver may not be working. You look on the transceiver and see that it is model RR-501. Then use the “Home Automation” channel in Sherlock to search for "RR-501" and find that others have seen this before and have found a solution.

To enable the Home Automation channel, visit the Thinking Home’s Preferences window and select the Extras tab. The Sherlock button is located there. This is available for Mac OS X 10.4 and earlier.


Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the FAQ page.

Community Forum

The Thinking Home community forum has answers from experienced users.

Mailing List

Thinking Home also has a mailing list, hosted by, where users can discuss their experiences with Thinking Home. In addition, this is one source of important information such as releases of bug fixes and similar matters. Click here to sign up.

Google Groups

For general X-10 home automation questions and troubleshooting, there is a wealth of information in the comp.home.automation newsgroup and it is easier to access than you might think. For those without a news reader, you can use a web browser at